Dr. Jon Parham is a Doctor of Chiropractic at Davis Chiropractic in Reno, Nevada. He is passionate about helping people achieve their highest potential!

His background includes working for a physical therapist for 4 years where he honed his skills in rehabilitation and manual therapy. He is a certified massage therapist as well as a chiropractor and includes soft tissue work, and rehabilitative exercise into his practice.

Dr. Jon played competitive hockey his entire life which is why he became a chiropractor! He knows the physical and mental pain of dealing with injuries first hand, and focuses on injury rehabilitation and prevention.

In his free time, Dr. Jon enjoys spending time with his wife Melanie, and dog Burnzie. He also enjoys hiking, off roading in his jeep, exercising, and whatever adrenaline rush is nearest! He is also an avid fan of fashion and can be seen in uniquely colorful socks every day!


This blog is meant to serve the public with general information. Nothing in this blog should supersede your doctor’s advice. Every individual has a unique body and a unique way of presenting injury and dysfunction, therefore each person should have a unique approach to their healthcare.


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